Buhle’s Ministry

2017 Update

Buhle is currently pursuing a 3 year advanced diploma in theology at Christ Seminary. If you would like to support Buhle’s studies, could you kindly deposit the funds into the ECCO bank account.

Buhle’s Testimony


When I look back from where I come from in my life, I praise God for what He has done. He reached out to me when I was still rebellious to the truth, having no good in me, and having a heart that was less concerned about His will and His salvation plan for humanity, which is “to unite all things in Him under one heard even Christ”. Before I was converted I was an Idolater who was so sure and convinced that He was a child of God. Due to the misleading teachings of the community I grew up with and the beliefs of the family including my parents, I grew up believing and serving God wrongly and not knowing that I was perishing. I was rebellious to anyone who ever pointed out to me that it is impossible to serve both God and the ancestors at the same time, and that: service to the ancestors is service to the devil and his demons. I was boiling every time this issue was being debated because I was covered with darkness and believing that they were telling a blatant lie. I was living a double life that was leading me to hell.

I grew up as Zionist worshipping God, and also worshipping the ancestors believing that the ancestral worship is also part of Gods plan. The Bible is teaching us to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation, and worship God in spirit and in truth, and then good works flow from within us as a result of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit that produces Christ likeness in us. The Zionists focuses more on doing good works for God, fasting, praying, conducting religious ceremonies and venerating ancestors, trying to earn salvation by hard working for God. The reason behind this, were some of the Old Testament teachings and the Zulu culture, because there were so many similarities there, which made it even more difficult for us to identify any wrongs with our practices when the Scripture was also used to emphasise the practices. In our Zulu culture we were sacrificing animals to the ancestors, burning the incense to them, praying and pleading to them, trusting, and mostly fearing them. Our worship to God was full of hypocrisy and unfaithfulness.

Then God who is just and righteous, reach in mercy and love, removed me from that darkness using the light of his word that He revealed to me through the Bible Explore Course that was offered by George Whitfield College, conducted at Estcourt. On the first chapter, God opened my eyes to the truth when we read the book of Ephesians 1;1-14. For the first time I came to know God’s eternal plan for humanity, “to unite all things under one head even Christ”. This understanding peeled off the love of the ancestors to me because I saw no place for them on the eternal plan of God, it also peeled off the hypocrisy towards God’s worship because I came to understanding that God can never share his glory with idols. And from that day, I took a decision in my life that I will never ever serve God with the ancestors or with anything again, but I surrender my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I trust in Him alone for my salvation, and since then I never turned back, I found peace in my heart that the grace of God have now found me and I am saved through the blood the Lord Jesus Christ, and am a new creation in Him.

My ultimate goal now is to grow in Christ likeness, devote my life to serving one true God and helping others to see the light that God has revealed to me. I’m continually studying the word of God under the guidance of a variety of matured Godly man, and studying other books that provide more scriptural clarity to me, and also preaching Christ to the Zionist churches on Sundays and during the night vigils that differ from occasion to occasion, and working with youth that I’m leading from different Zionist churches. I have done 2 modules of the Bible explore course offered by GWC in attempt to widen my scriptural understanding, because I’m pursuing studying theology full time at London Theological Seminary next year 2016 – 2018, then come back and serve the Lord in Africa and help my fellow Africans to understand the sufficiency of the sacrifice of Christ, so that the true church of Christ grows in Africa.