Translation Projects for 2016

Christian literature in Zulu language is a major issue in our country. It’s almost non-existent. In 2013 I completed the translation of Mark Dever’s book titled ‘What Is A Healthy Church?’. Yesterday I began working on 7-other translations. I’m hoping to complete them before the end of the year.┬áConcerning writing, I┬árecently had a meeting with Langham Trust from the UK to discuss the possibility of writing a book (on some topic), instead of just focussing in translating.



The Zulu version of Mark Dever’s book. Its available at the following stores: CBD PMBurg & Pinetown; The Bible Centre in PMBurg. Alternatively, you can purchase it directly from us at R40 per copy, excluding shipping.



Already working on these 4-titles, EXPLORE The Bible Correspondence Course from George Whitefield College; and 3-booklets by Robert G Spinney titled Dressed to kill; Did God create sports also and Peeking into Devil’s playground.



I’ll working on these 3-titles later in the year.