 Possible merger with another Zionist Church

On 4 June Bishop Zondi invited me to join him and the other leaders to travel to the Eastern Cape. The purpose of the trip was to engage a group of Zionists who broke away in the late 60’s and are now seeking reconciliation. The talks were conducted in the spirit of reconciliation and the outcome was very positive. I had previously spoken with Pastor Sixeko Ntshota over the phone. To finally meet him in person was great. His views on some of the fundamental doctrines of the Zionist Church, both traditional and un-biblical are solid.  He’s what I call ‘a hard-core Zionist’, the same position I held prior to my conversion. But what was exciting to me about his worldview is that he seemed open to reviewing his convictions. Even when I mentioned the possibility of looking at the Xhosa version of EXPLORE The Bible Course as a useful tool, he did not shy away.

On our return trip, we hit the calf and my van was damaged. Thankful that, though the front of the van was severely damaged, all 5-of us escaped unharmed.




Pastor Ntshota: standing next to me, wearing a purple shirt


The rest of the group who’re able to attend