Founder’s son dies

Thulani Oscar Marwa is the last born son of the late Bishop Naphthal David Joshua (NDJ) Marwa. Lungi and I are 3rd generation of the Zionist Church founded by NDJ in the early 1900’s. He had 2 sons. The eldest son, Maxwell, was a police officer. When NDJ died in 1970, the Church called him to succeed his father.  Years later he died and the Church sought the services of his only surviving son, Oscar. He believed Church leadership was divine calling, not inherited like the traditional Zulu kingship. He refused, and eventually left to join another Church when he was saved. When he heard that I was also saved, we became good friends and was very supportive of our efforts to reform ‘his father’s church’ from within. He died of chest complications. Bishop Petrus Zondi and others from the Zionist leadership accompanied us to pay our last respects to ‘Olly Marwa’ as he was affectionately known.