Stephen Lungu in town

We had the privilege of hearing the testimony of Stephen Lungu on FRID 20th May. Stephen, a former street kid who lived under the bridge at age 6, drug addict, gang leader, political activist succeeded Michael Cassidy as CEO of African Enterprise. The event was arranged by Mooi River Baptist but hosted at Treverton Schools. The hall was almost packed to capacity. He shared how he led a group of heavily armed gangsters into a tent meeting, intending to blow up all the white people who had gathered there to worship God. He hated God and white people who had everything while blacks starved and were unemployed. His story is told in detail in his book titled ‘Out Of The Black Shadows’. It’s an amazing read of how the found a faith deep enough to heal, restore and love those he hated.  And in response to the wonderful grace and mercy of God towards Stephen, close to 20-people gave their lives to Christ in response.